Flying High at Pentecost

flying kite

On 8th May we joined Together in Worship with the theme of Pentecost Spirit.

We remembered the first Pentecost, and how God's Spirit can transform our lives today, just as at the first Pentecost.

We tied prayer ribbons to the cross, discussed important questions like: What set Jesus' heart on fire? What sets our heart on fire? What is God calling us to through His Spirit?

We played with balloons to remind us how God moves us.

But mostly we had fun and fellowship - especially making kites, which we trusted would fly (as we trust God to support us through the Holy Spirit as we fly with God).  Like God's Spirit must be experienced, we experienced the delight of flying the kites outside. (God's Spirit can never be contained in one one place).

Thanks everybody for being part of a fun and meaningful experience.